Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Religion Communication Congress?

The Religion Communication Congress is a once-a-decade gathering of individuals committed to furthering the communication of religion in our multi-faith world. The event is a forum for communicators of religion to learn cutting edge communications strategies and skills through a wide variety of plenaries, workshops, and networking opportunities. It is also a space to broaden perspectives and learn across faith traditions to foster greater understanding and cooperation in our local and global communities.

Who attends the Congress?

Anyone interested in the communication of religion is invited to attend the Congress. For professional religion communicators, the Congress provides an opportunity for professional development, networking, and gaining insights from leaders in the field on current trends, challenges, and innovations taking place in religious communication. Religious leaders, students, and everyone interested in religious communications can gain skills and build relationships that will help them to communicate their messages from local, grassroots levels to international platforms.

Where and when is the Congress?

The Congress will be held in Spring 2020. The exact dates and location will be determined by the Congress Steering Committee. If you would like to help determine when and where the Congress will be, become a cooperating organization today.

What is a Cooperating Organization?

A Cooperating Organization is an organization or institution that commits its support to the Congress. Each cooperating organization promises to keep the Congress in its prayers and meditations and to provide a contact person from the organization who will receive information about the Congress. From this base level of support, cooperating organizations can choose how they wish to engage in planning, promoting, and participating in the Congress. Some of the opportunities include serving on the steering and/or subcommittees, promoting the Congress among the organization’s networks, providing financial and/or in kind support, exhibiting or sponsoring the Congress, etc. Each cooperating organization decides at what level it wishes to participate in the planning and implementation of the Congress. Cooperating Organizations are listed on the Religion Communication Congress website.

Who can be a Cooperating Organization?

Any organization or institution committed to the mission and vision of the Congress can become a cooperating organization. Cooperating organizations include everyone from large international organizations to small non-profits with less than five staff, academic institutions to consulting agencies. If you are committed to the communication of religion, there is a place for you in the Congress!

Can I be involved in the Congress as an individual?

Yes! Individual communicators, interfaith advocates, retirees, and students are welcome to participate in the planning and implementation of the Congress. If you are interested in becoming part of the Congress planning process fill out the contact form with subject line “Individual Participant.” Provide you name, contact information, location, and a short description of your interest in the Congress.

Are there advertising and/or sponsorship opportunities related to the Congress?

Yes! These opportunities will be made available as we move closer to the Congress. To receive updates about advertising and sponsorship opportunities, join the sponsorship mailing list by filling out the contact form with subject line “Sponsorship and Advertising.”

How can I receive updates about the Congress?

Become a cooperating organization or join the Congress mailing list by filling out the contact form with the subject line “RCCongress Mailing List.”